Candidate Declaration
One-Time Verification/ Rectification of UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll Number
We refer to your application for recruitment of officers with MBA(Marketing) through UGC-NET (November, 2017) examination. While processing the applications for shortlisting, we have come across some discrepancies in the UGC-NET Roll Number, which is not letting us to populate UGC-NET (November, 2017) score from the data provided to us by the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE).
It is reiterated that correct UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll No. is an essential information to us and in case of any mistake in correctly mentioning the Roll Number in the On-line Application Module of IndianOil, will lead to migration of no score from CBSE System to IOCL system. Consequently marks of such candidates, who by mistake or otherwise filled in their UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll Number incorrectly, will be reported as Zero.
This One-Time verification/ rectification of UGC-NET (November, 2017) is extended to all candidates who submitted their on-line application to IndianOil for recruitment of MBA (Marketing) professionals through the above mentioned examination.
Candidates are advised to make amendments , if and only if, they observe any mistake/ discrepancy in their UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll No entered by them while submitting their on-line application to IOCL. Applicants must not make any change in their UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll No , if they had filled it in correctly.
The change is required only for those candidates, who committed mistake in filling in their UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll Number while submitting on-line application of Indian Oil.
Please NOTE that the UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll Number is the number, which appears on the right hand corner, just above the Photograph of the Admission Card for UGC-NET (November, 2017) issued by UGC-NET/CBSE authorities.
It is once again reiterated that the onus of providing the correct UGC-NET (November-2017) roll number (exactly as it is appearing in the Admission Card of UGC-NET (November, 2017) examination) is with the candidates. Candidates must not mention their Application Number of any other number while they verify their UGC-Net Roll Number on this Module.
If there is still any mistake in the UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll Number provided by the candidates so that the UGC-NET Examination marks of the candidates cannot be assessed, the UGC-NET marks of such candidates shall be deemed to be ‘Zero’, and application of the candidate will be rejected.
Candidates are advised to go through the following instructions carefully:
  • Such candidates ,sure about correction of their UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll No. should simply logout from the module with out carrying out and modification.
  • This is an one-time facility extended to all the candidates who submitted their on-line applications for recruitment of MBA(Marketing) professionals in IndianOil. The candidates observing any mistake/ mismatch between the UGC-Net (November, 2017) Roll Number filled-in by them and the correct UGC-NET (November, 2017) roll number as per the admit card issued by UGC-NET (November, 2017)/ CBSE.
  • Candidates, who had already registered their application for recruitment of MBA (Marketing) professionals through UGC-NET (November, 2017) Score will be able to see and amend their UGC-NET Roll No through this one-time facility. None will be able to register fresh application through this one-time facility.
  • The facility is extended to the candidates only once. Once a candidate makes an amendment/ alteration and submits the same, his user-id will be locked and he will not be able to access this online module again.
  • This application facilitating amendment of UGC-NET Roll Number (November, 0217) will remain open from 6th April, 2018 to 10th April, 2018. After 10th April, 2018, we shall proceed with the short listing process. No Further request for change in the UGC-NET Roll No. (November, 2018) will be entertained. All short-listing process will be carried out on the basis of the UGC-NET Roll No as modified and finalised till 10th April, 2018.
  • This is an ‘One-Time Password (OTP)’ based system. When a candidate attempts to modify his UGC-NET Roll No, a system generated OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number of the candidate who have registered their application on-line for selection of Marketing Professionals through UGC-NET (November, 2017) score. The amendment/ correction in the UGC-NET (November, 2017) will be registered in our database once the amendment/ modification is completed by enter the OTP (Five) minutes. In case, a candidate cannot complete the process within 5 (five) minutes, then he/ she has to request the system to regenerate the OTP once again. In case of multiple OTPs, the one generated most recently will be the active one.
  • Once a candidate amend/ modify his/ her UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll No, the amended. Modified Roll Number will be considered as the final UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll Number and shortlist will be prepared on the basis of the amended/ modified UGC-Net Roll Number.
  • The OTP must be kept by the candidates as confidential.. Candidates are advised not to share his/her OTP and also the UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll Number with anyone. It is strongly advised that the amendment/ modification must be carried out by the candidate concerned and not by anyone else.
  • On successful amendment/ modification of UGC-NET Roll Number, an e-mail notifying the change will be sent to the registered e-mail ID of the candidate. The candidate must take a fresh printout of their application form and save that for record.
  • In case of candidates who submitted multiple applications, the most recent application submitted by the candidate will be considered as valid application. The e-mail notifying the amendment/ modification will be sent to the corresponding e-mail ID provided in the most recent application.
  • If the candidates do not exercise the option of modifying the UGC-NET (November, 2017) Roll No, the Roll No. as entered while submission of on-line application to IndianOil will remain as the valid UGC-NET Roll No. No further request for amendment/ modification of UGC-NET (November, 2017) will be entertained after 10th April, 2018. No request for modification of UGC-NET Roll Number through off-line mode/ back-end will be entertained subsequently.